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Behaviour Profiling Extended DISC

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People who feel comfortable with their lives and are considered to be "successful" by others tend to share a number of common traits, with self-awareness at the top of the list.

Remember success is defined differently by each individual at different stages of life.

They recognise their strengths and this knowledge helps them to find ways to achieve their objectives. They are aware of their limitations in areas where they are less effective and use this knowledge to avoid experiences where they will not be effective and at their best.

Those who understand their natural behaviour preferences are more likely to pursue the right opportunities at an appropriate time in order to achieve the results they believe are achievable. Research suggests that Success and Self Awareness are inextricably linked.

The Extended Disk model is based on the original work of Dr Carl Jung and then William Marston who developed the DISC model in the late 1920s. The power of the model is that it identifies just four behavioural styles - it is easy to understand and the online assessments take little over 10 minutes to complete.

Under the Extended Disk guidance of Janeen Cameron, you can expect to learn a great deal about your personal preferences and behavioural styles. You can use this knowledge to:

  • Achieve a higher level of personal awareness
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Choose an occupation that is best suited to your skills and aptitudes
  • Understand why you behave in a certain way under certain circumstances
  • Learn how to harness your strengths ... and improve areas which you find challenging
  • And more ...

Extended Disk is for individuals aged 14 and over, and also for organisations, large as well as small, which seek to harness the very best that their people and employees can offer and improve the performance, communication skills and effectiveness of their individuals, teams and managers.

Extended Disk for Career and Business

Studying your own behavioural Profile will no doubt change your understanding of people and their problems by encouraging you to look for client strengths in ways you may not have considered before. Acquiring skills in the use of the Behavioural Profile will be an invaluable means for enhancing your managerial and leadership abilities.

The use of the communication model within EDISC can be a way to promote self-sufficiency and independence in the employees you work with, helping them to feel more in control, resourceful, and self-assured.

What you focus on, you amplify in your awareness.

To discover more, simply contact Janeen Cameron for a confidential appointment.