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“Every person has the innate resources within to find the meaning to their life. It’s a matter of finding the guidance to be able to negotiate the maze and find your inner strengths.”

Janeen Cameron

Our unique point of difference is the way in which we listen to language, intuitively analyse each situation, then develop an individual program to unlock and resolve your specific areas of challenge and concern.

With over 30 years of experience we have developed tools to reach and interact with people and establish mutual trust to support you in developing confidence to become who you want to be. We use creativity as a catalyst for change and healing. The consulting expertise of Art4Success establishes and maintains a discreet comfortable environment where artistic expression and neuroscience complement each other.

Regardless of your personal situation we specialize in facilitating profound breakthroughs and insights. You will become aware of blocks to your success enabling you to move forward and realise your dreams.

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Why the owl?

The owl archetype represents my values of Education, learning, self-wealth and guardianship.

Native Americans associated the meaning of the owl with wisdom, foresight and keeper of sacred knowledge. This may be due to the fact the owl is a great foretell of weather conditions – wouldn’t this be a gem in our worldwide economic climate?

Art Therapy Supervision/Mentoring

To maintain your professional registration and ongoing personal and professional development supervision groups and individual supervision session are available online and face to face. The key purpose of supervision is to assist the Therapist using creative expression to investigate and self-reflect on 4 areas: 1. Identify any possible mental or emotional health concerns and self-care. 2. Challenge the Therapist's (supervisee's) use of theories, modalities and ethics in relation to client and workplace. 3. Personal development as a professional within accepted guidelines and codes of conduct. 4. Assist the Therapist with business-building skills or career development.
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Art Therapy

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Children and Families

Art Therapy and developing Creative Expression are used as a means of self-expression and healing for Children and Teens. At a time when kids are less communicative and social, creative artplay can be the language of choice. Art Therapy as opposed to a regular art class, requires NO artistic skill as the focus is on the creative process rather than the end product. From making shapes and using colours and different mediums to building a 3D representation of your worry or your strength can assist in developing a new perspective on life right now. Sand-play Therapy and Clay Therapy are also very useful in getting issues 'out' as apposed to keeping it all 'in'. Art Therapy/Creative Art-play can: - Encourage children to access their creative thinking - Facilitate the exploration of feelings - Develop skills in self directed activity and motivation - Improve focus and concentration - Increase self esteem and confidence - Discover self-generated solutions - Encourage interaction and communication - Stimulate visual, aural, kinaesthetic, auditory senses - Create a safe and independent environment for self- exploration and expression - Be a fun and enjoyable way for children to play and express themselves freely using a non-verbal creative language
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A huge thank you Janeen, I can't believe I have started back at university with motivation and vigour. Actually I do believe, now I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. My big breakthrough was when I was in the clay circle and I made the gateway and bridge across my then current situation. I could finally see what direction I needed to take.  

Michael P, Student Bachelor of Education (Teacher), Queensland

Gateways and bridges

Dear Janeen, thank you for being really patient with me, I wasn't always very nice in my sessions.  I looked forward to having a place to come and make my feelings and talk when I wanted to.  You always asked what's my takeaway after each session - I know Im not always going to please everyone, but Im ok as me.  I feel the pressure has lifted, just like the mountain of sand on the 'me' figurine I now brush aside the unimportant things that happen each day and I know what is important to me and what isn't. At school its pretty good now.

Clayton W  Perth (14yrs)

swords and armour

"I would like to thank you for showing me the way forward, in how best to live my life.  The Disc Profile was so accurate, and as we discussed, if I was to continue on the same path, I could have easily "crash and burnt".  To now have the understanding, that I was going against the grain and trying to be someone I was not, made so much sense to me.  I remember after the analysis was completed, you directed my attention to a large whiteboard.  It was there that you assisted me to map out  a better and more resourceful pathway forward for my life.

From that day on, I began to live a life more congruent to me.   You gave me the tools  to be able to interact and react with the other DISC Profiles, which before I had no understanding of.  Now when I talk to clients, I am mindful of their body language, words etc.  To know if my client is a D. I. S. or a C., is very important, as I can modify how I interact with them to establish rapport quickly."

Anne Maree